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Founders & Survivors is a partnership between historians, genealogists, demographers and population health researchers. It seeks to record and study the founding population of 73,000 men women and children who were transported to Tasmania. Many survived their convict experience and went on to help build a new society.

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A notice to Friends of Founders & Survivors from Janet McCalman:

We regret that owing to worsening technical and security problems we have had to close part of the FAS website to public use. You can still search for a convict and read the transcriptions of his/her records, but, at present, ONLY REGISTERED VOLUNTEERS can access the Community Contributed material. You can still access the FAS newsletter 'Chainletter' via the website. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS. When the project is transferred to an official, long-term site, all users will again be able to access Community Contributed material. By this time the data will have been cleansed, sorted and verified by the volunteers. We thank you for your support and are much relieved that Founders & Survivors as a community history resource has been promised a secure future by the Tasmanian Government.

Recent News

Bendigo Benevolent Asylum

Dear Bendigo Supporters,

Event date: 
17 February, 2012 - 19:47 - 1 May, 2012 - 19:47
Event venue: 
To be determined.

Podcasts from the UK National Archives

One of our volunteers has drawn our attention to the UK National Archives podcast series at, and in particular to the episode by Jeff James entitled "From crime to punishment: criminal records of our ancestors from the 18th and 19th centuries" at

Episodes can be played directly from the National Archives website or downloaded for later.

Founders and Survivors Newsletter No. 9, December 2011, and Ships Projects workshop, 18 February 2012

This final issue of Chainletter for 2011 reports on our Ships Projects and our next Workshop.

David Noakes has uncovered gold, fire and bigamy aboard the ‘Palmyra’ and Jenny Wells travelling with Glad Wishart on the ‘Governor Ready’ has met up with smugglers.

Two books on Welsh convicts

Sentenced to Hell: The Story of Men and Women Transported from North Wales, 1730-1878
J. Richard Williams
Published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch (2011)
ISBN: 9781845241759
Between 1730 and 1878 men and women from Anglesey, Caernarfon, Merioneth, Denbigh and Flint were sentenced to be transported from their native land to Australia or America. How did they get there? How old were they? What had they done to deserve their fate?

O Fôn i Van Diemen's Land [From Anglesey to Van Diemen's Land]
J. Richard Williams
Published in Welsh by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch (2007)
ISBN: 1845271289, 9781845271282
This book tells the story of Anne Williams of Anglesey, who was transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1842 for ten years and who spent the rest of her life in Tasmania bringing up her family--who still live in the same area today.